Buckhead Thriftique

Buckhead Thriftique Ideal for: Die-hard treasure hunters Cost: Inexpensive Experience: I had such high hopes of finding something at this shop due to Buckhead being known as a moneyed part of Atlanta.  I think I spent a full minute in the store.  I was a little sad to see that […]

Honey Bubble

Honey Bubble Ideal for: Folks wanting a more upscale bubble tea experience Cost: Moderate for bubble tea, but still under $10 Experience: Honey Bubble seems to  be going for a more upscale ambience.  All of their bubble tea is made with filtered water.  There is information available about the different […]

Bambu Drinks & Desserts

Bambu Drinks & Desserts Ideal for: Bubble tea enthusiasts Cost: Inexpensive Experience: Eating and drinking are my jam.  When you combine both, I get really excited. That is why I absolutely adore bubble tea. It is like a two-for-one deal.  I am always on the hunt for a bubble tea […]

Community Grounds

Community Grounds Ideal for: working, studying, meeting friends Cost: Average indie coffee shop prices Experience: Community Grounds is a ministry-supported coffee shop located in south Atlanta. It happens to be attached to the Carver neighborhood market.  Pulling up to the place, I thought it was a little convenience store that […]

Fat Girl in Progress

I’ve been telling myself to write a new post for a couple of weeks now. Many things have happened since last we spoke. Fat Mama Danny shared an amazing post about their experience with body image and pregnancy and being a new mom. I almost died while dyeing my hair […]

678 Korean BBQ

  678 Korean BBQ Ideal for: Carnivores Cost: Not cheap by any means, but could be worse Experience: I absolutely love Korean bbq.  Mmm….meat. I had not tried it in Atlanta, yet. I had a serious dilemma.  I could not decide which Korean bbq place to try first.  There are […]

Revolution Doughnuts

  Revolution Doughnuts Ideal for: Hip parents Cost: Inexpensive Experience: Let me start off by saying this appears to be where to take your kids on Saturday morning for those that live in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Decatur.  They offer all natural, handmade, vegan and non-vegan donuts.  The donuts do […]


Rag-O-Rama Ideal for: Funky consignment store fans Cost: Inexpensive to Moderate Experience:  The mural painted on the side this place let’s you know that this is a pretty fun establishment.  Rag-o-rama is big used clothing spot that offers thrifting opportunities for the whole family.  One side is dedicated to women’s […]

Huy’s Sandwiches

Huy’s Sandwiches Ideal for: Banh mi lovers Cost: Super Inexpensive  (sandwiches start at $3) Experience: I walked into this restaurant that is located in a seemingly quiet strip mall on a Monday afternoon.  As I walked in, I was quickly greeted. The picture menu makes it easy to know what […]

Wet n Wild Mega Last lip color

Product: Wet n Wild Mega Last lip color – Purty Persimmon Cost: Under $10 Experience:  We are big fans (pun intended) of makeup, especially makeup that is under $10 that looks good. This definitely fits the bill. I tried out “purty persimmon”.  I like the orange-red color of this lipstick […]