Huy’s Sandwiches


Huy’s Sandwiches

Ideal for: Banh mi lovers

Cost: Super Inexpensive  (sandwiches start at $3)

Experience: I walked into this restaurant that is located in a seemingly quiet strip mall on a Monday afternoon.  As I walked in, I was quickly greeted. The picture menu makes it easy to know what to expect.  This place says it offers banh mi and bubble tea.  I had my sights set on the bbq pork banh mi and an avocado bubble tea.  When I attempted to put in my desired order, I was quickly and politely steered towards the grilled pork banh mi. He said he wanted me to have a good sandwich, so I’ll come back in the future.  I had no problem with that; however,  I did have a problem with not being able to get my avocado milk  bubble tea for a second.  I don’t know if they just didn’t  feel like making the tea which I realized  was fine because Atlanta has a crap ton of other bubble tea spots. No harm, no foul. I happily took my sandwich with me. He (I am assuming that was Mr. Huy himself) was right.  The sandwich was awesome!


my banh mi and my mom

Seating:  a few tables inside (very bare), a few tables outside (could be problematic due to the arms )

Pros:  Delicious banh mi, owner keeps it real about what he does best

Cons: May not have bubble tea

Verdict: Worth a try!