Where did you get that outfit!?

torrid logo


Style: Rockabilly, Trendy, Youthful

Sizes: 12 – 28 (sometimes up to 30)

Rhie’s picks: I don’t even know where to begin. I LOVE torrid! I am toward the larger size of the plus size lady world so I can’t always wear the fabulous clothes that Torrid sells. Their lingerie often is too small for me, and the bras are out completely, but their dresses. Oh, their dresses. I would live in Torrid dresses if I could (and recently I have been!)  I have to order a 6, which is their largest size, but the dresses are so flattering, they give me a shape beyond round, which is so appreciated.  Also, Torrid has shoes up to a 13, and they sell a wide array of shoes that are just too cute! Mel and I both recently got a pair of cat shoes and I just can’t stand it!! Love this place!

Mel’s picks: leggings, dresses, shoes – I wear a 12W or a 13W depending on the shoe.

What we like about them: trendy, super cute clothes, shoes up t0 13w

full beauty

Full Beauty

Style: Large range, for women of all ages

Sizes: 12 – 36+

Rhie’s picks: So fullbeauty used to be known as onestopplus.com, it’s a website that consolidates many plus size clothing companies into one search, pretty ideal.  You can find clothes anywhere from Roaman’s and Jessica London to Torrid and S.W.A.K, so it’s quite a variety.  I use fullbeauty for bras and jeans.  I wear a 52H so it can feel impossible to find bras that aren’t simply white and utilitarian, but a fullbeauty they have a selection of cute bras that fit and feel great after wearing them all day long.  I also get my jeans here, most often from denim 24/7, and the fit is perfect. It can be a little sketchy buying online, but I know what works for my body, so I am less apprehensive about it.

Mel’s picks: N/A – I always go directly to the company’s website.

What we like about them: bras, jeans, a wide selection of all the things!!



Yours Clothing

Style: Trendy, youthful, kinda hipster

Sizes: 14 – 32

Rhie’s picks: I love love love yoursclothing!!! Based out of England, their sizes can run slightly smaller than we are used to here in the states.  Yoursclothing is my go-to for leggings of all lengths and again with the dresses.  I love their skater dresses and I own about 4 of them.

Mel’s picks: dresses, tops

What we like about them: leggings, dresses


Old Navy – Women’s Plus

Style: youthful, cheap

Sizes: 14 – 30

Rhie’s picks: Old navy is hit or miss for me. I have a couple pair of jeans that are super cute, but they can hurt sometimes at the waist (like jeans can do.) I love their shorts in the summer, I find when you have a waist size above a 24, shorts tend to run long, but I have long legs, so I like that Old Navy shorts don’t wind up looking like culottes, which I appreciate.

Mel’s picks: jeans

What we like about them: jeans, shorts

plus_swimwear_image (1)

Forever 21 – Plus

Style: Junior Plus – Trendy

Sizes: 14 – 22

Rhie’s picks:N/A (they don’t go up to my size)

Mel’s picks: leggings, tank tops, skinny jeans, skirts, jewelry

What we like about them: Inexpensive basics



Rainbow – Plus

Style: Urban, Casual, Junior Plus

Sizes: 13 – 24

Rhie’s picks: N/A (they don’t go up to my size)

Mel’s picks: form-fitting jeans, skirts, jewelry

What we like about them: inexpensive jewelry



Style: Work Appropriate, casual

Sizes: 14 – 32

Rhie’s picks: This is another place where I will buy jeans, they have a section that is specific for 28-34 and I love the cut of their jeans. Good place for pantyhose also!

Mel’s picks: shoes

What we like about them: comfortable shoes that go up to 13W



Style: Form-Fitting, Provocative

Sizes: 12 – 26

Rhie’s picks: N/A (they don’t go up to my size)

Mel’s picks: form-fitting dresses

What we like about them: tons of form-fitting options



Lane Bryant

Style: Work Appropriate, Special Occassion

Sizes: 18 – 28

Rhie’s picks: lingerie, pjs

Mel’s picks: shoes

What we like about them: shoes that go up to 12W



Charlotte Russe – Plus

Style: Junior Plus – Trendy

Sizes: 14 – 26

Rhie’s picks: N/A

Mel’s picks: N/A

What we like about them: Sale items under $20






Asos Curve

Style: Contemporary

Sizes: 14 – 26

Rhie’s picks:  N/A

Mel’s picks: N/A

What we like about them: range of options from professional to casual