Just who ARE the Fat Girls?


Meet Mel!

Mel enjoys exploring new places as much as possible because she feels that you get a better sense of where you are regardless if it is the town that you live in or some other locale. From coffeeshops to Caribbean festivals to congee restaurants, she is willing to give them a go!

Besides being a travel enthusiast, she is also a big K-pop fan whose favorite groups are BigBang and 2ne1.  She pretty much has an appreciation for music in general regardless of the language. Good music transcends languange. It has the power to connect people.

She wants to share the joys and frustrations of travel and general existence as a Fat Girl because the information for fellow Fat Girls who want to go out on their own adventure is very limited. It’s a big world that big girls should explore even with hesitations. Just remember, whenever you travel, you may not be the only one that is learning.


Fat Girl At Large


Rhie is the embodiment of the wandering soul. As a transient youth, she traveled far and wide across the continental United States. Perhaps most well known for her spoken word performances in and around Dallas and Austin in the early-to-mid aughts, Rhie is a writer, poet, traveler, and well rounded Fat Girl.


Rhie was a nomadic poet for many years, homeless, she crossed the country 13 times,  and lived the Fat Girl experience every step of the way. The biggest complaint she found was the inability to find access to information on navigating the world with the specific concerns of a Fat Girl in mind. Rhie believes that nothing should stand in your way from experiencing the world and hasn’t let any of it stand hers. Not homelessness, lack of funds, or even being a Fat Girl.


Mel and Rhie have been the best of friends since the 7th grade, voyaging through life, heartbreaks, insanity, travel, and growth, together existing as Fat Girls at large. Sitting together one day, lamenting the lack of information and counsel for ladies like themselves, Fat Girls’ Guide Book was born.