Community Grounds


Community Grounds

Ideal for: working, studying, meeting friends

Cost: Average indie coffee shop prices

Experience: Community Grounds is a ministry-supported coffee shop located in south Atlanta. It happens to be attached to the Carver neighborhood market.  Pulling up to the place, I thought it was a little convenience store that had a little coffee stand inside.  Once I actually got out of the car to investigate the situation, I found that my assumption was incorrect (which happens only rarely).  This shop is south of downtown and a few minutes from the old Turner field.  Due to its proximity to downtown, I imagine that in a few years the area will be on the road to gentrification.  There are a few ways to get into the shop. You can go through the market or walk to the other side of the building to the entrance for Community Grounds.  The coffee shop takes up about a third of the building. It is hard to ignore the brightly colored paint and artwork that adorn the walls.  I enjoyed the steam-punk, religious artwork that can be found closer to the counter. The barista was super-friendly and answered my questions about some of the drinks that were named for areas of Atlanta. After I ordered my concoction, the barista realized that he forgot to tell me all of the ingredients in the coffee and wanted to know if I still wanted the drink. I assured him that I did. While he made the drink, I  explored the shop.  I checked out a little nook that has a leave/take a book library. The barista kindly brought me my drink while I was looking through the library.   I took my drink and left.  I would definitely visit this coffee shop again.



Seating: Tables, booths, Arm-less chairs

Pros: Delicious coffee which they get from a local roaster

Cons: Just as expensive as other coffee shops

Verdict: Check this place out before the area is gentrified