Revolution Doughnuts


Revolution Doughnuts

Ideal for: Hip parents

Cost: Inexpensive

Experience: Let me start off by saying this appears to be where to take your kids on Saturday morning for those that live in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Decatur.  They offer all natural, handmade, vegan and non-vegan donuts.  The donuts do not cost more than $3 which is surprising to me. I guess I am used to paying more for more options for people with dietary restrictions that still want junk for breakfast.  I ordered a carrot cake donut, an apple fritter, and a cup of filtered water.  They were good.  Would I make a special trip for them? Absolutely not.


Seating: Arm-less chairs and tables are inside and outside

Pros: They are looking out for their began peeps and offer filtered water.

Cons: Donuts are not fried

Verdict: Worth a try for those close to one of their locations