Honey Bubble


Honey Bubble

Ideal for: Folks wanting a more upscale bubble tea experience

Cost: Moderate for bubble tea, but still under $10


Experience: Honey Bubble seems to  be going for a more upscale ambience.  All of their bubble tea is made with filtered water.  There is information available about the different kinds of teas in use.  I saw that I could be even more indulgent by getting a macaroon or having some gelato. La-ti-da! Now, I was almost ready to ditch this place until I saw that they had a favorite of mine—bursting boba!  I felt like I hit the jackpot at this bougie bubble tea establishment. I happily ordered a strawberry milk tea with mango bursting boba from a pretty apathetic employee. Her lack of enthusiasm did not faze me because I cared enough for the both both us. When she asked me what kind of milk I wanted, I was a little surprised by the many options of milk she listed.   I am not used to having a choice in the type of milk used. I stuck with good ole whole milk.  I was  so excited about the bursting boba, I forgot to take a picture before or even a during picture. I was able to take an after picture. You’re welcome. Also, the little meeting room that Honey Bubble has, makes this an out-of-the-ordinary place for a meeting or a study group. There were people using the meeting room which prevented me from snapping a picture. I would come here in the future whenever I am in the area and am feeling fancy.

Seating: Couches and problem-free chairs on the inside, flimsy-looking chairs on the outside


Pros: Bursting boba

Cons: Parking could be a hassle

Verdict: Worth a try!