Vega’s Burger Bar


Vega’s Burger Bar

Ideal for: Those wanting craft beer and  burgers

Cost: Inexpensive

Experience: Walking into this family-owned establishment that holds at most 20 people, I noticed the surf motif of this tiny restaurant. My friend and I decided to sit at the bar.  There was only one person running the front of house.  It took her close to 5 minutes for her to greet us which should have been my first clue into what I could expect later.  I just chalked it up to her being very busy.  Living in South Florida means that I have learned to deal with sub-par customer service (that is part of the charm of this place). I ordered the Cuban burger, a hamburger patty mixed with beef, pork, and chorizo, and a beer, when   finally came around to take our order.  The burger came with potato sticks and seasoned fries.  The burger was good.  The moment came when her husband emerged from the kitchen with someone else’s order.  I heard him ask in Spanish where he needed to take the the order.  She answered, “to the boy by the fat woman” in Spanish.  I was in shock for a minute.  Even if she believed that I would not understand, there were plenty of Spanish speakers around along with people that understand Spanish due to it being South Florida and all. I told her that I heard what she said.  She flat out denied it without even telling me what she “actually” said.  After a little more prodding,  She was forced to make up something.  She then said she told her husband 67.  Now, “sesenta siete” sounds nothing like “gorda.”  I would have let it go if she has either owned up to it or was at least a little more creative.  I do not reward mental laziness.  I still paid for the food, but I most definitely did not tip!




(Sorry for the blurriness!)

Seating: A few tables and chairs and stools

Pros:  Large selection of craft beers

Cons: Poor customer service

Verdict:  Could’ve been a cool spot